Styled: Jack 3 Ways / Green Velvet

Have you heard? Our perennial home favorite Jack is back (and in-stock!) and he brought a few extra friends with him. To celebrate our newly expanded Jack Collection - which now includes more loveseats as well as matching ottomans - we wanted to showcase three distinct ways to style the Jack chair, starting with our Green Velvet version. With its clean lines, low profile and effortless vintage modern design, this Schoolhouse exclusive is happily at home in almost any decor style, which is just one of many reasons we love it so very much. Inspired by a vintage piece we found years ago, this faithful reproduction is custom made in Los Angeles. For our styled space inspirations we chose EclecticTraditional and Modern. 



First up: Eclectic. A key Schoolhouse ethos, this style is all about freedom to mix and match colors, patterns and eras. Basically, it's the "if you like it, wear it" equivalent to home design. A little bit bright and bold with personal touches abound, we love the friendly and inviting feel of a space that doesn't take itself too seriously. 



Next we have our take on Traditional. An important reminder that traditional isn't synonymous with boring or stuffy, this space feels elevated and full of charm. Varying shades of green bring brightness while brass accents evoke a sense of history and heritage. 



Lastly: Modern. Streamlined and pared down, this Modern spin puts the spotlight squarely on Jack, highlighting its perfectly proportioned silhouette and deep, rich texture and hue. Mid-century staples like our Brass Hairpin table and Matter lamp complete the look. Stay tuned for more Styled: Jack Three Ways with our Windowpane Plaid & Nubby Tweed options.