Spotlight On: Solid Brass Hardware

The power of hardware to transform a space is pretty incredible. Whether you're reforming a vintage piece, upgrading basic cabinetry or starting an entire remodel from scratch, the hardware you choose can elevate everything to a whole new level. In case it wasn't obvious, we take our hardware very seriously at Schoolhouse. We feel an instant kinship with people who realize the importance of quality hardware in their spaces because, well, we might be borderline obsessed with making sure we have the best, highest-quality, most stunning collections available on the market.



This season, we've introduced new hardware designs across the board, including our first-ever Appliance Pull made from solid American brass. This particular offering is one that we're crazy excited about as we've been receiving requests for one for quite some time. Impressively scaled, these pulls are made for integrated appliance cabinetry panels and were designed after our best-selling Edgecliff series. Featuring a flat front and a curved back for comfortable gripping and pulling, the Edgecliff Appliance Pulls are handcrafted in the U.S. and made from 95% recycled brass. 



Our love for natural brass hardware is one for the ages. The finish is pure beauty and fits in with a wide variety of styles and decors. Combined with the clean lines of our designs, there is an undeniable timelessness to this hardware. But it's worth noting that there is room in our hearts for much more than just natural brass. We have two other finishes we are huge fans of as well. Below are our three finishes, along with examples of our newest hardware collections: