Away We Go: Fall 2017 Sneak Peek

Summer is coming to a close and our hearts are heavy in the Schoolhouse studio and factory this week as tens of thousands of acres of forests burn in our beloved Columbia Gorge and throughout Oregon. The sky is somber; hazy with wildfire smoke and an eerie dusting of ash all the way into Portland serves as a poignant memorial of the devastation at hand. We can only hope this damage will serve as a clear reminder of the impact we are capable of inflicting as humans and our collective responsibility to care for our natural habitat.

Oregon's wild beauty has always inspired us, informing our collections each year and our daily lives. It is both home and sanctuary. Earlier this summer, we packed up and headed down to Black Butte in Central Oregon for our annual Fall catalog shoot. Influenced by nature's steady reinvention, we found a home that seemed, over time, to become one with the elements with its wind-and-rain weathered wood exterior and old-school build. With adventure on the brain, our theme this Fall is Away We Go. Heeding nature's call into the wild, we worked to bridge the gap between indoors and out, bringing fresh bursts of color and awakened senses to the forefront. 

By devoting more attention to the outdoors, we’re able to thoughtfully incorporate natural elements into the home. This season, we have expanded our assortment of heritage lighting to include new outdoor light fixtures and an exciting new range of finishes. We also continued to focus on well-designed household items, kitchen and bar accessories, modern hardware and beautifully crafted bedroom and bath items. Each one, made to last and made with care. Our new collection and catalog launches next Friday. Here's a look of what's to come from Schoolhouse this Fall.