Setting the Table: Mix Beats Match

What's better than new? Why mixing the old with the new of course. Or as we call it: Respecting your elders. If you're like us, chances are good you don't have a gleaming, pearly fresh set of completely matching dinnerware at your disposal. Like most things, we prefer to hone our collections over time, especially when it comes to dining and kitchen wares. With that said, every now and again the need for a dinnerware refresh becomes abundantly clear. While we love our heirloom hand-me-downs and vintage scores, a solid dining set needs an anchor to not look overly messy on a table.



Luckily, this is something we've spent some time pondering, which is why we offer only two iconic dinnerware collections that have been individually proven to be the best of their kind over the decades. First we have our American Modern Collection (below). Originally designed by Russel Wright in 1939, this beautifully sculpted line is a shining example of classic American modern design. Typified by its curvy silhouette, rounded corners, and earthy color palette, it makes a fresh and organic table piece that mixes flawlessly with other styles. 



Below this you'll see our infamous Blackline Collection, re-issued this past season due to high demand (and honestly the fact that everyone here missed it so much). Made in Ohio by the same family-run factory for generations, the Blackline Collection not only embodies heritage midwest craftsmanship, it's basically indestructible and made from fully vitrified stoneware. Little known fact: Some of the best clay for pottery in the world comes directly from the ground out there in Ohio. Each signature piece of Blackline bears a trademark hand-painted line around the top edge along with the initials of its maker on the bottom. This hearty collection is made to be passed down for generations. 



Now that we've got our base, here comes the fun! It's so easy to incorporate these heritage pieces in to what you already own. To us, a mix and match table just screams a good time. So gather ye round, and see some serious setting inspiration for your table: Schoolhouse-style. 



This look takes regal elements and flips it on its head. An ornate gold plate that would normally feel way too fancy as a set suddenly becomes the star of an all-ages show. A simple but mod grid napkin alongside a Blackline bowl and American Modern plates, plus a few fun and unexpected accessories make for a totally modern, anti-stuffy setting that incorporates a vintage vibe. 




Chic, mod and happy, this place setting is sophisticated without taking itself too seriously. Graphic black and white elements play nicely with whimsical pops (i.e. the tiny dotted cocktail napkin) for an overall palette that feels cohesive and can blend in with all environments, whether it be bold, bohemian, or neutral.



Last but not least, let's welcome the new year with a dose of cheer! Nautical in spirit, this crisp and clean look is a breath of fresh air thanks to bright hues and bold patterning. The mix here matches just enough to have a united color story but not so much that you would worry about having to get the colors just right. It's relaxed but polished - equally perfect for family dinners or upbeat dinner parties.




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