Schoolhouse Spring: Green Machine

Living in the Pacific Northwest, our affinity for green remains seasonless. Rich, earthy, jewel-tone or industrial in nature, it's a palette that feels timeless yet fresh again and again. As a shade for the home, green brings with it a distinct sense of joy and life. It's not often shown as the main color of a space but we're firmly on team green when used either as an accent or for large-scale visual impact. 

As part of our color story for this spring, the creative team at Schoolhouse found themselves drawn to the inspiration images above and below for their varied celebration of the jolly green giant. From upholstery, tiling, bedding, textiles and tools, there's so much to celebrate about green for spring. It may seem obvious (florals for spring - groundbreaking!) but beyond this magical time of year, we love the staying power of this lively, enduring hue.

Here's to the Green Machine and it's long-enduring power. Below is a round-up of some favorite Schoolhouse pieces that celebrate the boldness of, and many different ways to go green. 



Inspiration images via Pinterest