Coming Soon: Schoolhouse x Hygge & West Wallpaper

We're excited to announce that, on 5/14, we will be launching our first-ever, wallpaper
 collection in collaboration with Hygge & West. Inspired by the beauty of vintage textiles, our five exclusively designed patterns range from calm neutrals to lively florals, modern to traditional. To see the full collection, sign up below to be notified of the exclusive launch. 


"The patterns capture our brands common love of natural motifs and abstracts with an organic twist. We are so proud of all of the work, and we can’t wait to see these patterns come to life in our customer's homes.” - Hygge & West


Alpine Garden in Ebony
Alpine Garden in Multi
Olive Grove in Midnight
Olive Grove in Ochre
Cascade Meadow in Primary
Cascade Meadow in Juniper
Woven in Ochre, Juniper, Persimmon, & Parchment