Radar Love Video

Our Radar Sconce was inspired by a light originally used on an industrial parts washer. Utilitarian simplicity. We loved it. So did Ace Hotel Portland. Teaming up again after a 2007 collaboration, Schoolhouse and Ace developed a versatile and elegant industrial lamp to be used bedside in the hotel’s rooms and bar side in the new Ace basement bar.

When sourcing parts, we stumbled upon a 1970s stamped electrical box from one of our East Coast vendors that had the vintage tooling but hadn’t used in decades. We crushed hard on all the stamped details, including a cross, risk-of-fire warning, and wattage rating on the canopy box face. Functional communication incorporated into the design is what makes many vintage designs so rad.  The message wasn’t hidden; it was part of the design, adding texture and character.

The perforated guard matches the original industrial parts washer diffuser, but we developed a clever way to attach it using magnets so that the thumbscrews don’t scratch the paint. The magnetic click of it popping into place is satisfying and makes changing the light bulb a snap. This fixture is practical, colorful and flexible—a beautiful and simple example of American industrial lighting.

The Radar Sconce can be hardwired into a wall or ordered with a cord to hang anywhere you please. It’s great for task lighting above a desk or in a hall—or anywhere! Ace Hotel Portland went bedside and bar side. Where does your Radar love?

Watch our Radar Sconce video and read the story behind the collaboration.