Pinterest: Chasing the Light


This season, we've found ourselves focused on the concept of light. As we speak, "Where The Light Gets In" by Sennenis playing softly on our office pandora and we're happily pinning away to our "Chasing the Light" boards on Pinterest (see them here & here!). We partnered with two of our favorite pinners Mrs. French and Caitlin Flemming of Sacramento Street to bring you Schoolhouse inspiration around our Fall theme of light.

The moments we let the light in are the ones we keep closest. As such, we wanted to spend this fall season celebrating moments of lightness with our community by sharing the places, people, objects and experiences that bring us joy and fulfillment. Join us in #chasingthelight on Pinterest and Instagram by creating your own "Chasing the Light" board and tagging #schoolhouseelectric & #chasingthelight on Instagram. We would love to see what chasing the light means to you. Happy Fall.