Our Top 5 Favorite Houseplants

We've been on a bit of plant kick recently. It started with our 
home tour of Branch Abode and her incredible jungle of indoor plants. Soon after we asked The Sill, our NYC store neighbors and indoor plant experts for their best-kept secrets for happy plant care. To cap it off, we thought we would share a few of our very own houseplant favorites with you. Below is a quick guide to our top five (easy to care for) houseplants.

#1: Monstera

Easily recognizable due to their iconic shape and glossy split leaves, this tropical houseplant can grow incredibly large and live happily indoors for years. It requires a balance of sun and shade, meaning indirect light is best. Water about once per week and wait until soil is mostly dry between watering. This particular plant enjoys plenty of space (so don't tuck it too far back in a corner). It’s also important to note this variety is toxic to pets.


#2: Aloe Vera 

A common household standby in a variety of climates, Aloe Vera is extremely easy to care for. Tolerant of low light (although it is happiest in strong sunlight), this evergreen perennial succulent helps purify the air and can be used to help heal cuts and burns, among many other uses. Perfect for a sunny kitchen window, it thrives on infrequent watering and likes a well-drained, sandy soil mix.


#3: Indoor Cactus 

There are an endless varieties of cacti species which thrive indoors with truly minimal maintenance. While cactus in pots require more care than those in the ground, it all comes down to proper food, light and water. It helps to repot your cactus when you take it home as there is a good chance it has already used up the nutrients in the soil. Beyond that, give it plenty of light, proper air circulation (cacti enjoy fresh air) and water as little as once a month or once the bottom soil becomes dry.

[Helpful Reader Edit: The above plant pictured is actually a Euphorbia Trigona (African Milk Plant) which is technically a succulent, not a cactus as Cacti are native to the Americas - Thank you Nick!]


#4: Snake Plant

Easy, visually striking and with air-purifying benefits, the Snake Plant is the perfect statement houseplant for beginners. Basically it will live its best life when left alone as they can tolerate a variety of light conditions and infrequent watering. Make sure the soil is completely dry before watering and take care to not overwater. This variety is also toxic to pets if ingested.


#5: Pilea Peperomioides  

More rare than the rest of the houseplants on this list, the Pilea Peperomioides is worth the hunt. Uniquely beautiful and simple to care for, it enjoys direct sunlight and regular watering (about once per week in warm, dry climates and slightly less frequent in others). Its leaves tend to grow towards the sun so it helps to rotate the plant every few weeks.


Top image via Katie Branch; bottom image via Greenery NYC