Go Inside: Our Portland Flagship Store

Our sprawling flagship store in Portland is a living and breathing entity. It's our hub, it's where we connect with people and it's ever changing. Housed in the first floor of our headquarters and factory building, Schoolhouse welcomes friends and visitors from near and far every day. Some come in to shop but we have just as many regulars who come to work, read, relax with a cup of coffee (as we share our space with one of the best coffee purveyors in Portland: Ristretto Roasters) and soak in the inspiration. Which is exactly how we designed it be: A beautiful space to gather. With a secret design library for good measure.



Equal parts lounge, gallery and storefront, our flagship is truly the heart and soul of Schoolhouse Electric. While the bottom floor is for shopping and relaxing, the floors above are always buzzing with action. Right above, our factory is working hard everyday building light fixtures, clocks and other goods. We ship out every order right in this same space and all of our teams, including design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing are all here as well. Each new season brings a new look and feeling to our Portland store. Here's the latest look of our beloved space.




Come visit our Flagship store in Portland, OR and get inspired.
9am to 6pm Monday through Sunday

Photos by Ellie Lillstrom