Go Inside: Our New York City Store

Schoolhouse is proudly rooted in Portland, Oregon—where the company was founded and is currently headquartered—but since 2006, we have also maintained a storefront in New York City. The products sold at our Portland and New York stores have always been the same, but the two spaces maintain their own unique atmospheres. With a new spring refresh recently completed, now is a great time to acquaint those who recently discovered Schoolhouse with what makes our New York space so special. 

Located in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, the New York store is part of a neighborhood which has historically been home to designers, artists, and musicians. Helping the store live up to this rich cultural heritage is New York Showroom Manager Michael Brown.   

Michael has been with Schoolhouse for nearly eight years. He moved from Portland to manage the New York store in 2011. A man who exudes style and who approaches everything with his special eye for design, Michael is responsible for the look, feel, and day-to-day operation of our East Coast outpost. His approach has been to create a rich store experience that doesn’t shy away from showing all that Schoolhouse has to offer. 

The architecture of the building in which the New York store is located produces some unique opportunities. Storefront windows allow for a peek from the street into the beautiful lighting for which Schoolhouse is known. With square footage at premium on the small island of Manhattan, the store has a smaller footprint than Portland flagship. Whereas the original store provides individual products more space to be considered for their intentional design and heirloom craftsmanship, the New York store puts many different products altogether in a collision of style and inspiration.

One of the most iconic (and often instagrammed) parts of the New York is the Value sign. This unique artifact was once part of the signage for a True Value hardware store, but has since been restored. “The sign was found at the Brimfield Flea Market in Massachusetts a few years ago, in good condition, but not working,” says Michael. “I contacted Let There Be Neon to restore the sign, a New York-based neon company that’s been in business for over 40 years. With a few glass tube repairs and new transformer, it’s now glowing bright again.”

As it is with the seasons, the store changes appearance throughout the year. Recently, it underwent a Spring refresh, which brought new bursts of color and clean lighting into the store.

Michael and team started by painting feature walls and window frames in pale pink and coral. Next, they opened up the floorplan to focus on a few new pieces of furniture in the Spring collection. The new Jack Loveseat in Blue Wool features prominently, along with new art prints from Ken Wood. For linens, the Midnight Geo sheets, the Popcorn Grid Coverlet and Popcorn Dot Pillow Shams provide a fresh bedding option.

For New York customers and anyone who finds themselves traveling through, stopping by the New York store offers the opportunity to see another expression of Schoolhouse and meet the family of crew members who keep it running like a well-oiled machine.


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Photography by MJ Kroeger