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Not too long ago, we started adding books into our product launches. It was a natural move for us because books are part of all of our homes. As lifelong readers and learners, we enjoy digging into the pages of a new volume to learn about the beautiful and inspiring world we live in. Being fans of well-made physical objects, we also love the weighty and interactive character a good book brings to a room. To revel a little bit more in our passion, we thought we’d talk about a few of our favorites currently on our shelves, and why we love them.

Watercolors by Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl was one of the most well-regarded Danish furniture designers of the twentieth century, and he was also an accomplished watercolorist who used the medium as part of his furniture design process. Watercolors by Finn Juhl provides a look inside Juhl’s design process using his watercolors, sketches and other diagrams.

We chose this book because it’s filled with art so beautiful you might be tempted to cut it out and frame it for your walls. It makes a perfect coffee table book or gift for the design-minded. Being design nerds ourselves, we appreciated peeking behind the curtain on the processes of one of our favorite furniture designers. And as creators of furniture and home goods, we couldn’t help but compare and contrast processes for bringing a piece to fruition.

Dishing Up the Dirt

In this fresh and fulfilling cookbook, Andrea Bemis shares her favorite recipes developed using the produce she grows on her six-acre organic farm just outside Portland, Oregon. As is the case on the farm itself, the recipes are organized and driven by the seasons. The cooling days of fall offer recipes like butternut molasses muffins and collard green slaw with bacon gremolata, while spring harvest pizza with mint & pea pesto, kohlrabi, and chickpea salad accompanies the growing warmth of spring.


This book called to us for a few reasons. First, Bemis’ Tumbleweed Farm is located just outside Portland, which gives these recipes and the produce they are built on a local flavor we couldn’t resist. Many of these recipes are also naturally vegetarian, as well as gluten- and dairy-free. But what was most important was that Bemis has an organic and yet elegant way of thinking about food and the ways we share it in our families that appeals to our communal sensibilities.

What Do Grown-Ups Do All Day?

This large-format kids book explores what grown-ups actually do when they go to work all day. Organized into fifteen busy scenes (sort of like Where’s Waldo?), more than one hundred professions are depicted in a distinctive illustration style that’s sure to delight children of many ages.


What Do Grown-Ups Do All Day?
has an undeniable, almost magnetic quality when you pick it up in your hands that proves it’s an instant classic. Because the concept is simple, it provides just the right amount of informative fun to keep kids engaged for a short or long read. The lively and colorful illustrations will appeal to kids who might be too young for reading but who still want to play along. 

This Brutal World

In This Brutal World, Peter Chadwick takes us on a tour of Brutalist buildings around the world. The term Brutalist, as it relates to architecture, was introduced to the world in the 1950s, and the buildings that define it often contain large amounts of exposed concrete, a repetition in shapes, and a fortress-like, full-site building plan. It quickly became one of the most ambitious and vital new architectural movements in the world, and this unique book dives deep in finding many forgotten or little-known specimens from Soviet bloc countries. Each is rendered in dramatic, black and white photography.

Architecture and interior design are inseparable, and Brutalist architecture in particular has been a big inspiration for us. This Brutal Life also comes from Phaidon, one of the premier creative arts publishers. Like all of these books, This Brutal Life is itself a piece of art worth displaying.

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