Blue Striped Apron: 3-Ways

Inside Schoolhouse, we have our very own sewing studio where we turn a variety of textiles, both new and vintage, into a wide selection home goods. We make our own throw pillows, napkins, hampers, and around the holidays, we also proudly hand sew stockings and tree-skirts, among others. However, when we went about designing an apron to add to our latest collection, we headed south to the experts of apron-making in downtown Los Angeles: Hedley & Bennett. With a joyful and playful aesthetic, the HQ at Hedley & Bennett has been described as "Willa Wonka meets Julia Child." Every apron is sewn in-house and designed to be "the best damn apron in the world." Which are two things we are very much on board with. 



For our first collaboration, we decided on a classic unisex style apron made in two sizes - child and adult - so the little ones in your life can get to work (or play) as well. Crafted from restaurant-grade, heavy-duty cotton canvas with contrasting solid and striped cotton twill detailing, it features handy additions like extra deep pockets, an adjustable neck and sturdy back-ties. Our Adult version also has an extra side loop for hanging towels or tools. 



To showcase the versatility of such a well-crafted piece, we rounded up a few Schoolhousers from our HQ to model how they would wear the apron. First up is our Vice President Sara along with her daughter Penelope. While Sara is able to cook up some next-level strategies at work, she also enjoys the sweet side of life which includes baking at home with her family. 



Next is our Design Specialist Elizabeth, who has a natural eye for beauty and design. An artist and painter, at Schoolhouse she works with trade clients and interior designers on a variety of projects providing exceptional support and knowledge. 



Lastly is John, always up for a challenge, he's worked in both our flagship store in Portland and now joined our in-house shipping department. So whether you're a crafter, a builder, an artist, a baker or beyond, this apron is guaranteed to serve you well. With the perfect weight, an adjustable fit and extreme durability, it's a domestic utility warrior in for the long haul.


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