Notes on Portugal: An Ode to the Culture and Craft in Porto



The path from Portland, Oregon to Porto, Portugal is a long but worthy one. It would take our Brand and Product Manager Jorie Garcia approximately 22 hours and two layovers (in Heathrow and Frankfurt, respectively) to arrive at her Southern European destination, the feel of cobblestone beneath her feet and salt hanging heavily in the air. Similar to Portland, the costal town of Porto is known for its stately bridges and fermented beverage production (just swap our IPA's for their beautiful Port wine and add in a couple centuries of practice).

The purpose for our 10-day trip to Portugal was multi-faceted; an amalgamation of work, pleasure and inspriation-seeking. At our core, Schoolhouse is proud to support and be a driver behind the renaissance of American manufacturing. We love working with local makers but we're also always seeking out the very best in quality and craftsmanship. It's for this reason that we set our (metaphorical) sails for Portugal.



Respect for artistry and skilled craftsmanship is rooted deep in Portugal's history. It's what Jorie would later describe as an overall "competency of culture." Families who live here have been perfecting their trade over generations and there is a distinct sense of pride and care that goes in to even the smallest of details. Below are a few images from Jorie's exploration through the markets of Porto as well as southern capital of Lisbon. In search of trinkets big and small, fabrics and long-forgotten treasures, Portugal did not disappoint. Note: these pictures are best viewed with a glass of Portuguese Port in hand.



Next up in our travel series through Portugal, we'll take a look inside a factory run by the same family for generations who we work closely with to produce our bedding. Stay tuned for Part Two. 


Photography by Jorie Garcia and Chelsea Fuss