New Year, Old Tradition: The Fondue Party

All hail one of the first and last truly communal dining experiences: the oft-underrated Fondue Party. A tradition born in the Swiss Alps in the early 18th century, its popularity has slowly waned since its 1970's party-loving heyday. As many great bits of nostalgia are, we believe it's overdue for a comeback. Hearty or sweet, always satisfying, and oh-so-easy to throw together - in our humble opinion, a fondue pot should be as ubiquitous as a charcuterie board or cheese plate at gatherings big and small. We could go on and on about our pro-fondue-stance. And so we will shall...!

Firstly, it's just so friendly and literally anyone can throw together a beautiful spread and dip - as long as you have the right tools, which is simply a quality pot and forked spears. It's fun - a crucial element to social shindigs (also an often-overlooked element), a little bit messy, a little bit sexy (depending on the demographic) and incredibly filling (less sexy but still important when hosting).

In honor of fondue's rich history, we took careful consideration in choosing the ultimate Fondue Pot Set for our latest collection. After much tasty deliberation and research, we found(ue) the one. Made in France, our Cast Iron Fondue Set is perfectly sized, not too big or too small, and does an exceptional job of retaining heat for optimal and long-lasting dipping consistency. The genius behind this particular set is that you can heat the pot itself directly on your stovetop to melt your dip of choice. Then you just light a tea light underneath once it's on your table to maintain the correct temperature. Included in the set are six wood-handled fondue forks because, of course, sharing is caring. There's just something endlessly appealing about bringing this old-world tradition back for regular consumption.                                                                                               

In times like these, what's better than an indulgent, comforting dip amongst friends? We're kicking off the new year with a fondue party for ourselves and we'll let you in on a little secret: There's magic in the melt, people. Once you host a fondue party, you'll want to do it again and again. Because fondue parties are the best parties. Let's make a pledge and band together to make 2017 the year of the fondue.