Llamas Visit Schoolhouse

We were pleasantly surprised when our one of our vendors stopped by with two of the llamas that grow the fiber used in our llama fiber blankets and rugs. We invited everyone in for a proper showroom visit with company founder and owner Brian Faherty. Our exclusive assortment of luxurious throw blankets and rugs are made from Pacific Northwest grown llama yarn. Each rug and throw is hand-woven by weavers in the US and Canada.

Llamas are native to the South American Andes of Peru, Bolivia & Chile. Introduced to North America in the late 1800s, llamas are one of the oldest domesticated animals in America. Llama yarn is not technically considered a wool because of its cellular composition. The unique hair-like structure accounts for its warm insulating quality as well as contributes to its tensile strength and durability.  Llama fiber is remarkably light and warm.  Our llama yarn is undyed and unbleached celebrating the natural color variation of the animals.