Our First-Ever Trade Catalog

Over the years, Schoolhouse products have found their way into some pretty spectacular spaces, from luxury hotels to sweet neighborhood cafes, sprawling private residences to tiny arthouse retailers the world over. One of the main reasons this is possible is our relationships with trade clients who include architects, commercial buyers, and interior designers. Schoolhouse wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of trade customers who often buy at a large scale and who also help to provide more visibility for our products by putting them in their most carefully curated public spaces. 

We put this catalog together in order to look back on some of our favorite trade client spaces, and to give future clients more inspiration for their next projects. In its digital pages, there is beautiful photography, embedded links to the products pictured, and helpful comparative diagrams to provide more information about different light fixtures and homewares. Think of this as the interactive Schoolhouse look book that might just transform your next project.

See the Trade Catalog