The Inspiration: 1979


Relaxed, earthy and in harmony with nature, the laidback atmosphere of the year 1979 was a reoccurring source of inspiration for our fall collection. Truthfully, we've always felt a connection to the seventies and a heavy nostalgia for the energy and the style of the decade. In practice, our 
concept focused on bridging the gap between indoors and out and highlighting the use of organic elements and natural materials within the home.

A nod to the commune-style living of the late 70’s, we emphasized the importance of craft, domestic utility items and creating warm, inviting spaces. The abundance of natural wood, both on the walls and other surfaces brings that outdoor element to the forefront. The home featured in our Fall catalog was a cabin built in the early 1970's in central Oregon's Black Butte community and perfectly embodied the spirit of the seventies. 

Our Fall collection is rooted in texture, warm woods, and buttery earth tones contrasted with retro-futuristic finishes such as polished aluminum, all of which encapsulate the fun and easy-living mindset of late seventies home decor style. Entertaining, of course, was a crucial component of any respectable abode back in the day so we also made sure to round up an impressive array of Japanese barware and heirloom-worthy kitchen essentials. Hand-carved pendants, large-scale weavings and vintage-inspired domestic utility items serve to further round out the collection. 



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