Comfort + Joy: Holiday 2015

Where does the time go? We ask ourselves this every year but it never ceases to amaze how quickly the holidays sneak up on us time after time. It's a welcome season without a doubt, however it's hard not to feel a slight sense of panic when you realize we're already well in to November and the weekends are filling up faster than the days are short.

This year, we focused on two themes that we feel best encompass the spirit of the season: Comfort + Joy. Both are crucial aspects to a jolly holiday and they are also unique to the season itself. It's getting chilly here and we're bundling up a bit more each day. With those extra layers however, comes a lovely feel of coziness and a sense of warm contentment. Below is a little bit of Schoolhouse holiday cheer. Here's to making time to celebrate the people and things nearest and dearest to our hearts and remembering to choose joy at every possible opportunity. Happy Holidays from Schoolhouse!