Hand-Sewn Holiday: Our Seasonal Stockings

When something is made with love, it just makes it that much better. From the hand-knit sweater your grandmother made you to the baked goods your neighbor brought over – there’s nothing that spreads joy like a handmade holiday item. A similar ethos of loving intention and care can also be readily found in our collection of hand-sewn seasonal stockings. Thoughtfully designed, our limited-edition stockings are crafted by our small but mighty sewing team of three. With the collective sewing experience of 75 years, Cindy, Deandra and ‘Chelle, share a love and passion for textiles that span generations.

In celebration of our holiday launch, we thought we’d take a step inside our second-floor sewing studio and share how our stockings come to be each season. 



It all starts with the fabric. First, our product team works to seek out end lot textiles that are no longer in production. This not only helps eliminate waste in the industry, but it also ensures that each run of stockings is truly one of a kind. Our inspiration for 2019 was to create stockings that are classic with a modern twist.


“When sourcing fabric, I looked to find materials that were versatile and could work with a variety of environments.” Says Associate Product Developer Sarah Hashiguchi, “From a modern apartment to a heritage-inspired home, I wanted our stockings to feel right at home anywhere.”


The idea was to use a mix of traditional and modern materials while incorporating playful details that may seem unassuming at first, but stand-out as you get closer. For instance, the Evergreen Silk Stocking body is made out of raw green silk, a material that’s not traditionally used for stocking-crafting. It’s then paired with a wool herringbone cuff, a more traditional element, and patterning. Finally, it’s finished with a whimsical detail – a light blue poly loop – internally nicknamed “the fuzzy caterpillar” because of its soft yet shimmery organic shape. It’s in details like these that bring our stocking collections to life and make our holiday collection a true treat to work with. 



Once we find a balance of materials and the designs are finalized, our sewing studio starts making samples based on the patterns that our longest-tenured seamstress Cindy creates. Afterward, each stocking is hand-sewn and pressed with the utmost of care to give it a timeless and beautiful homemade quality that can’t be duplicated by mass machine manufacturing.


“We get to take fabric and see it all the way to a finished product. Often times, we’re even packaging the products before they go out the door,” says Cindy. “There’s a lot of satisfaction in making something beautiful from start to finish with your own hands.”




Stockings aside, we have an entire assortment that we sew at Schoolhouse. Much like our commitment to American-made manufacturing, we take enormous pride in our in-house sewing studio. From tea towels to pillows, paying attention to the details and continuing to celebrate the talented makers behind our products, brings us immense joy. Our Schoolhouse sewn goods are pieces that we treasure dearly, and we hope you do too.





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