Hand-Sewn Holiday: Made by Schoolhouse

This time of year is ripe with nostalgia and often informed by deeply ingrained representations of what the holidays should look like. We're not about to go into a consumerist culture rant (we do of course, make and sell things) but lets just say, it's easy to get lost in the season. There's so much to love and enjoy about the holidays though, so whenever we start to feel overwhelmed or stressed, we pause to think about all the magic, joy, and positivity that make it what it truly is. 

One thing we look forward to at Schoolhouse each year is unveiling our hand-sewn holiday collection. Designed and sewn with care right here in our in-house studio in Portland, we get most excited to share our exclusive stockings with the world. Additionally, this year we've also added an heirloom stitched linen tree skirt, dapper hankie set and a few other perfect gift items into the mix. Our process to bring these keepsake holiday pieces to life starts about 8 months prior.                                                                                                                           


The first step is finding that just-right fabric. Because we want each stocking run to be exclusive and we only make a limited number each season, we always seek out vintage, end lot, or deadstock textiles - meaning they're no longer in production. This makes certain our keepsake stockings are truly one-of-a-kind. Our inspiration for 2016 was to add some non-traditional patterning, fun, and a sense of whimsey. Sort of a "spice up your life" take on the holidays. Our stockings are always designed to mix or match and we can proudly say they're unlike anything else on the market. 

After our product team sources our dream fabric, they bring it back to our studio where they will play around with different trimmings and other special touches. Once the designs are finalized, they are given to our sewing studio to start making samples. Less than 100 (and sometimes less than 50) of each style are produced, each one sewn by our longtime seamstress Cindy (read our interview with her here!) and now, her daughter Rebekka has joined as well. Every stocking is hand-pressed and sewn with such care, we'd swear it was as if our very own mother or grandmother had made it themselves. There's just a beautifully homemade quality inherent to each one that can't be duplicated by mass-market options. You can see the quality and feel the love.                                                     



Over the years we've become known for our coveted stocking collections. This year we decided to create a new, uniquely Schoolhouse piece in the same spirit: a tree skirt made from vintage black and white stitched fabric, hand-pieced together to create the perfect festive finishing look for your tree. Each fabric piece is carefully placed and sewn together to perfectly align with one another. The detailing is painstaking, from the sewn ribbons to the final tied bows. We also made a special box for this guy, to keep it safe and easy to store year after year. 

Cheery stockings and tree skirts asides, we have a whole range of exclusive items that we sew inside Schoolhouse. Much like our commitment to American-made manufacturing, we take an enormous amount of pride in our in-house sewing studio. The quality and control we have when we produce products in-house in unparalleled and it's important to us that we are able to create skilled jobs that are required to make beautiful heirlooms that our up to this standard. From linens and napkins to pillows, storage organizers and more, our sewn Schoolhouse originals are pieces that are made to be treasured for years to come. 

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