Schoolhouse Gift Guide: For Them

Depending on your perspective, buying gifts for a couple can either be a tricky prospect or the preferred way to go. On one hand, it's a two-fer! You're one and done so to speak. On the other hand, buying one gift for two people with (assuming) two unique sets of taste can be a bit of challenge. Often you'll find a gift that's perfect for one half of the equation that kind of leaves the other lacking. Well, have no fear. We've done your couple pals proud with our Gifts for Them roundup. Anyone would be bees-knees-level-pleased to receive any of these lovely Schoolhouse gifts below.



FINEX Cast Iron 12" Skillet + Lid


At the heart of every kitchen is a cast iron skillet. Crafted only a few blocks from Schoolhouse, FINEX is heritage American cast-iron cookware at its very best. 




Ion Lamp


A celebration of Thomas Edison’s greatest invention, the Ion Lamp is modeled after the inventor’s earliest electric lamps. The rich, solid brass canopy and cast iron base give this versatile lamp and its warm, candle-like glow a wide variety of applications. 




Case Study Planter


An icon of traditional post-war design, these cylindrical stoneware planters create portable landscapes, blurring the lines between exterior and interior space.




Kennedy Clock


Inspired by the rich history of clock manufacturing in the U.S., we updated a mid century silhouette through a thoughtful combination of materials and finishes. Distinct hands and a time-honored graphic treatment lend sophistication to this new classic.




Sydney Hale Co. Candle


Hand-poured and blended in small batches, these beautiful candles soften the atmosphere with sophisticated fragrance. 




Enamel + Wood Kettle


Worthy of everyday display, the clean lines and peaceful simplicity of this Japanese kettle bring beauty to both its form and function.




2020 Stendig Calendar


An instant classic. Designed by Massimo Vignelli in 1966, the Stendig Calendar was immediately added to the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Each month alternates between black and white ground with high-contrast graphics.




Metal Hoop Stand


A nod to mid-century modern design, this metal stand's arcing lines and airy construction make for a playful storage statement.


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