Fall Back: Our Favorite Clocks

While we often know what time it is in this digital age, there’s something reassuring about a well-placed wall clock. There to provide a gentle note that time doesn’t simply jump from one place to the next, our clocks have a continuous sweeping hand - reminding us of the day’s fluid, yet constant pace. So, in honor of falling back and savoring the season, we’ve rounded up a collection of clocks that are perfectly placed to help us through the upcoming months.


The Kennedy Clock

Inspired by the rich history of clock manufacturing in the U.S., the Kennedy Clock has an updated mid century silhouette and comes in a thoughtful combination of materials and finishes. Distinct hands and a time-honored graphic treatment lend sophistication to this new classic. 





 The IBM Clock

The 1960s IBM Standard Issue Clock is a good reminder that some clocks do more than just keep time. Constructed with a spun steel case and domed glass lens, the dial features the original graphic treatment. Even if you can’t place where you recognize it from, you might experience a sense of familiarity towards the IBM clock. That’s because it was based on IBM Indicator Clocks that were first released in 1947 and became popular in the 1960s.




The Schoolhouse Clock

Inspired by the scale and durability of industrial wall clocks, the Schoolhouse Electric Clock is constructed with a spun steel case, domed glass lens and steel dial. Bright and charming, our namesake clock is an ode to eras past. 




The Tanker Clock

A nod to the industrial lines of the 1940s metal tanker desk, this low-profile indicator clock is a study in the beautiful constraint of mid century modern design. Hand-assembled in our Portland factory, the Tanker Clock is constructed with a domed glass lens and spun steel case in subtle metallic finishes inspired by the vintage office furniture in our own design studio. 




The Flip Clock

A helpful analog reminder to put your phone down. Crafted by one of the world's original flip clock manufacturers, in business since 1956, this expertly made timepiece features design detailing true to its mid century predecessors. 




The Arne Jacobsen Alarm Clock

Designed by famed Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen, this charmingly petite clock marries traditional and modern functionality. The old-school bell alarm may be silenced with a quick tap of the top, and an LED touch sensor allows you to easily see the time at night.  




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