Schoolhouse Fall 2016: Making Home

An icon of modernism and design, it was Swiss architect and writer Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris (better known as Le Corbusier) who summed up our feelings on home so precisely when he wrote "the home should be a treasure chest of living." Oh, how right he was. In this past year we have spent a great deal of time meditating on what home means to us and the art of living overall. Those thoughts have led us to our theme for Fall: Making Home. 

For us, now and forever, it has always been about creating unique spaces. A happy home is one that holds an accumulation of mementos and moments that have brought you to today. It’s a mirror reflecting back your life and doesn’t look like a catalog or your favorite blogger’s house. Making Home means doing the hard work and putting your own mark on things. Taking a vintage dresser and giving it life by adding new hardware, hanging art on the walls, surrounding yourself with plants or music or whatever brings you the most joy and sense of ease when you walk in the door. Let us never forget that there are endless opportunities to make magic within our own walls. And make the most of that magic we shall.