Iconic Schoolhouse: The Diamond Ticking Quilt

A stalwart of our collection for years now, the oxford Diamond Ticking Quilt has more than earned the title of Schoolhouse Icon. Inspired by classic utility fabric – similar to mattress ticking or an engineer’s uniform – its industrial appearance was designed to easily layer with a variety of bedding styles. Made in Portugal, the quilt's vibrant color and heirloom appearance comes from rich yarn-dyed cotton woven in a classic Matelassé style. 

With an origin story that dates all the way back to 18th century France, Matelassé bedspreads have been widely known to last for generations. Their uniquely textured weave provides both exceptional warmth and weighty comfort. The defining characteristic of a Matelassé textile lies within its complex woven structure. Simple weaves use a single set of warp and weft threads while a Matelassé weaving requires three to four sets. The patterning of thick yarns interlocked together results in a layered or "puffed" appearance similar to a quilted piece, but that is in fact, woven. The modern moniker "Matelassé" gets its name from the French word “matlasser," meaning "to quilt". With each wash, the quilting becomes softer and will continue to improve with age and use.

Schoolhouse Creative Manager Jorie Garcia, an artisan weaver herself, is especially fond of the Diamond Ticking Quilt for its year-round versatility.


“What I love most about the quilt is its ease. Diamond ticking is versatile and adds effortless style to any space. In the summer months I love pairing it with a crisp flat sheet. During the winter, folded at the end of the down comforter for the last minute layer. It can be mixed with bold patterns and colors, or be the quiet highlight of a neutral bed.”


With timeless style and beautiful craftsmanship, it not only joins the ranks of Schoolhouse Icon but will surely become a treasured heirloom of your very own. 


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