Coming Soon: Heritage-Style LED Lighting

Classic in appearance but innovative in its engineering, our newest line of Integrated LED fixtures can supply years of faithful service while providing a traditional look. When most of us picture LED lighting, our first thought might tend to skew toward a more modern design approach to match the technology. Now for the first time, we’ve taken our most timeless and traditional silhouettes and incorporated our cutting-edge integrated LED lighting tech so you can enjoy the best of both the old and new worlds.  

Ideal for both residential and commercial projects when you want to install once and be done, this collection of integrated LED fixtures offer customization options to fit your exact desired style point. Choose from a selection of five distinct finishes, each one applied in our Portland factory, including Natural Brass, True Black, Matte Bronze, Polished Nickel and Satin Nickel. Beyond that, you can choose one of four American-made, schoolhouse-era opal shades. Each one is individually hand-blown in antique cast-iron moulds using traditional methods over 150 years old and some styles feature handprinted stripe detailing.

Here is a preview of a few of the new LED fixtures in our classic collection:

Otis 4" LED Fixture in True Black with Pinstripe Drum Shade


Otis 6" LED Fixture in Natural Brass with 14" Traditional Schoolhouse Shade

Newbury 4" Fixture in Matte Bronze with 10" Traditional Schoolhouse Shade in Black Pinstripe

Newbury 6" LED Fixture in Polished Nickel with Large Opal Drum Shade

Each of these new integrated LED fixtures will launch along with our new Summer collection on July 19th. To learn more or to reserve fixtures, please reach out to our Trade Team.

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