Best in Brass: A Schoolhouse Round-up

Ahh, home at brass. Our long love affair with brass continues to shine strong with no signs of fading. We've been singing its praises for years and now more than ever, the natural warmth and timeless appeal of brass feels right at home alongside any design style. Inside the Schoolhouse factory, we finish our lighting and many of our brass accessories by hand to give it that perfectly-aged patina look that will last forever. Unlike some metal finishes, natural brass has its own unique, timeworn feel that's sophisticated, welcoming and humble all at the same time. An impressive feat indeed.



For us, there's no room that doesn't benefit from a bit of brass. From entryways to bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, the beauty of brass will forever stand out. It doesn't always have to be a big deal though. Some people can shy away from brass as a finish, thinking it's overly bright or bold but it can be surprisingly subtle too. While we love a statement-making chandelier, there are plenty of easy ways to incorporate brass lighting in to your home. Case in point, below you'll find a roundup of Schoolhouse light fixtures in natural brass.


From vintage-inspired, mid-century mod and beyond, each of these Schoolhouse signature light fixtures embody brass at its very best. Wall sconces, surface mounts and chandeliers can transform a space both in a high-impact way or just by slightly catching the eye. Another small way to bring in the feel of brass is by replacing old bulbs with our specialty gold-tipped light bulbs. Beyond the realm of lighting, we can't help but find ourselves with an array of brass-made home accessories in our collection season after season.

With brass, it's easy to see and feel the difference in a well-crafted, heirloom-worthy piece over one that is not quite up to par. Whether it's our gorgeous brass-cloaked Kennedy clock or solid brass, American-made hardware, there's never any topping the quality inherent to Schoolhouse brass. Case in point Part II:



And to finish our ode to all that is brass, we've also rounded up some of our favorite instagram's from our amazing community of design-minded friends featuring Schoolhouse brass IRL. It doesn't take but a glance to see the versatility and potential that brass brings to the table.



Images via @schoolhouse