A Message from the Schoolhouse Family

From the beginning, our mission at Schoolhouse has been to embody a uniquely American mindset and way of living. In its most distilled form, that has always meant celebrating diversity and practicing inclusivity. We're proud to be an American manufacturer but prouder still of the people who make Schoolhouse a family. Without their talent, hard work and daily ingenuity, Schoolhouse would not exist. 

In the face of recent hostility, our unity, empathy and respect for humanity as a whole must take precedence over business as usual. Our Schoolhouse family is far greater because of our wide-ranging diversity. And America is too. As always, we will continue to stand strong together as one. We welcome all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or country of origin. The livelihood of our people and the preservation of the American values that Schoolhouse was built on will always come first.

Since 2004, we have partnered closely with IRCO, a local agency that works on behalf of the immigrant and refugee communities at large to provide employment opportunities and promote self-sufficient, healthy and inclusive multi-ethnic societies. Founded in 1976 by refugees for refugees, IRCO has over 40 years of history and experience working with Portland's refugee and immigrant communities. Following the 1970s political upheavals in Southeast Asia, Oregon and Washington were two of the first states to offer new opportunities and homes to refugees.

To learn more about IRCO’s mission, visit: https://www.irco.org/