5 Reasons Why We Love the Day + Dusk Smart Bulb

As a company that designs and manufactures light fixtures, we’re strong advocates for the bulbs that illuminate them. And this season, we’re excited to introduce a brand new type of LED bulb that’s right up our aesthetic alley: the Day + Dusk Smart Bulb. Fully programmable through a smartphone app (or other smart device) and with no hub required, these petite but powerful bulbs have already become a Schoolhouse staple. With the ability to change the color temperature, brightness, and even turn it on or off remotely, this bulb sets a new standard for ease of use, light quality, and efficiency. While there are many reasons why we think everyone should make the smart bulb switch, below we share our top 5 reasons why we love the Day + Dusk Smart Bulb.



1. Change Your Color Temperature With Ease

There’s no denying it; understanding color temperature is the secret to a superior interior.  The color of a light bulb has the power to change the look and feel of a space. Cooler tones often function as task lighting to encourage productivity while warmer hues provide a relaxing environment that help you wind down. In the past, we’ve created a strategic lighting plan based on the room’s primary activity – cooler tones for kitchens and warmer light for living rooms. But given that most rooms serve multiple functions nowadays, it can be challenging to decide which hue works best. Instead of having to stick to one color per room, the smart bulb can easily change from warm to cool with a simple swipe on the app.



2. Control Your Lighting Remotely

The days of wondering if you remembered to turn off your lights after you’ve left the house are long gone. Now, you can easily control the light bulb from your smartphone. Turn your house lights off from the comfort of your bed or turn your porch lights on as you drive home for a warm winter’s welcome as the darker days approach. The smart bulb also has a setting that will randomly turn different lights on and off in the house to make it look like someone’s home. This comes in handy for security purposes when you’re on vacation. 



3. Dim Your Lights Without a Switch

While the ability to a dim a light bulb is not new news, the way that smart bulbs go about it is different from the standard we’re used to. The Day + Dusk Smart Bulb is dimmable down to 1% from an app on your smartphone, iPad or smart device. As an added bonus, since the bulb itself is dimmable, you no longer have to worry about dimmer compatibility, installing a dimmer, or an existing wall switch.



4. Customize Your Lights to Fit Your Schedule

The Day + Dusk Smart Bulb allows you to program your lights to fit your lifestyle. For a gentle start to the day, set your bedroom lights to gradually turn on as you wake up or dim down as you go to bed. You can also program your lights to change the color temperature to mimic natural daylight. For the earlier part of the morning, the smart bulb will emit light that is slightly cooler to boost productivity. As evening approaches, the bulb’s color temperature will become warmer - sending signals to your brain to start slowing down for the day. The ability to customize your lighting to your schedule comes especially handy for your body’s sleep rhythm if you work a graveyard shift or unconventional hours.  



5. Illuminate Your Home Efficiently 

LED bulbs are energy-efficient and use a fraction of the electricity that a standard incandescent bulb does. Not only does it lower your bill, but it also reduces the environmental impact of lighting your home. With a 22.8-year life span, remote controllability, and customizable settings, it becomes obvious that the Day + Dusk Smart Bulb is a clear winner for all lighting needs. 


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