Our Top 5 Trade Spaces of 2018

In 2018, our lighting and home goods were put to work in wildly different ways, from intimate homes to buzzy new restaurants, and we documented 
many of those spaces here on our blog along the way. Each new day brought another chance to marvel at the imagination with which our customers use and style our products. Today, we want to take an opportunity to look back at some of the ways businesses and trade partners used Schoolhouse products, in contexts where the decor is highly considered and the space is open for the public to experience for themselves. To that end, here are our top 5 trade spaces of 2018 as measured by the response from our fans and followers.

#1: Suttle Lodge 

Those in search of some old-fashioned R&R need look no farther than Deschutes National Forest in Central Oregon. Nestled deep in the mountains out of cell range, you'll find the newly-renovated Suttle Lodge - a year-round resort and rustic getaway that serves up local coffee, fancy cocktails and delectable food in a stylish, vintage camp setting. The 15 acre property, complete with lakeside and camping cabins, a main lodge and Boathouse restaurant, owes its new look to The Mighty Union, the hospitality group launched by a few of the creatives behind Portland's own Ace Hotel. With their trademark nostalgic-yet-minimalist aesthetic, Suttle Lodge has been given new life as a destination for relaxation and adventure.

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#2: Sugarpine Drive-In

One of the most exciting restaurant openings of the summer in Portland’s dining scene came in an unexpected package: a small drive-in restaurant with no indoor seating located on the edge of the metropolitan area. Sugarpine, the new restaurant from chef-owners Ryan Domingo and Emily Cafazzo, serves luscious soft serve, perfect pulled pork, and salads crafted from local produce in a converted gas station right next to the beautiful Sandy River. Having leaned on their fine dining experience when dreaming up the menu, it’s no wonder Ryan and Emily’s restaurant immediately became a must-stop for people day tripping around Mt. Hood and the Gorge at large.

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Good Coffee

Good Coffee first opened in the Richmond neighborhood of Southeast Portland in 2014, and it immediately lived up to its name. Founded by brothers Sam and Nick Purvis, both coffee industry veterans, the company started with a formidable espresso pedigree. But beyond the luxurious lattes and bracing black coffee passed over the counters each day, the café earned a reputation for being one of the most beautifully designed cafes in town. After adding a second café on SE 12th Ave., and a third in Slabtown, the duo has continued to increase their sizeable impact on the city’s caffeine scene.

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#4: Atticus Hotel

The area around McMinnville, Oregon produces some of the finest cool-climate wines on the planet. And yet, while wine may be the central attraction, excited travelers haven’t always been able to find the crucial missing pieces of a luxury vacation in the region. Enter the Atticus Hotel, a brand-new lifestyle hotel in the heart of downtown McMinnville that was built to provide unforgettable stays from the ground up. With stunning art and decor, a new restaurant from Tasty ‘N Sons chef John Gorham, and high-end customer services, the Atticus might even become a destination of its own.

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#5: The Croft Farm 

Many Portlanders have at some point wondered what it would be like to wake up on Sauvie Island, the natural wonderland located in the Columbia River just outside of Portland. But until recently, few have had the opportunity to do so. Protecting the thousands of acres of farmland and nature reserves that make the island a dreamy locale has meant there is almost no traditional hospitality industry to speak of. That’s where Vail and Greg, owners of the first short-term guest rental on the island, come in. The couple had to work hard to establish their spot on the island, but what they’ve created is truly inspiring.

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