Our Top 5 Home Tours of 2018

Perhaps the most rewarding part of creating lighting and homewares is when we get to see our products in their proper context: in people’s homes, right alongside their favorite antics, heirlooms, and the ephemera of their daily lives. This is a big part of why we created our Home Tour series, in which we document and share some of the inspiring homes that we come across. 2018 introduced us to some truly fantastic homes and the amazing people who reside in them, so as the year winds down, we wanted to share the ones that our readers responded to the most. Take a look for yourself, especially if you missed some the first time around.

#1: Branch Abode

If you follow us on Instagram or have popped by our #schoolhouseliving inspiration gallery you have probably spied a glimpse or two of the sweet home of Katie and Tyler Branch, otherwise known as Branch Abode. Both photographers by trade, with a young brood of their own, we’ve found ourselves quite enamored with the dreamy scenes and snapshots they share of their sunny, Schoolhouse-filled home. Looking through their feed, it's easy to feel transported to a simpler time.

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#2: Find Farah

On her Instagram account @findfarah, physician, accomplished baker, and friend of Schoolhouse Farah Guy gives her followers a window into her singular vision of graceful Portland living. We find her dreamy life with husband Thomas, Goldendoodle Nora, and cat Nonami a constant source of inspiration.

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#3: Ben Carstensen

In a neighborhood full of grand old Victorians and stately Colonial Revival manors, Ben Carstensen’s comparatively modest bungalow stands out in a coat of coal-black paint. It’s not just any black paint, though. It’s a very particular shade of black that’s eye-catching but not garish. Along with a lush garden and forest green vintage Land Rover Defender parked in front, it gives his home presence and personality in a neighborhood known for imposing residences.

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#4: Morgan Ford

Morgan Ford didn’t stray far from her roots when building her adult life. In fact, she married the boy down the street and moved into the house next door. The couple then set about renovating the farmhouse (located in rural Western Michigan) and over the years, they turned a once-shabby abode into a cozy, dream-like country homestead. On The White Farmhouse Blog, Ford chronicles her family’s life in this idyllic home.

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#5: Francois et Moi

Take a quick look at Erin Francois’ blog Francois et Moi, or her Instagram account of the same name, and you’ll see the seeming effortlessness with which she has created an eclectic yet elegantly understated home. Erin, a lifestyle blogger and DIY enthusiast, has turned her 1936 Tudor duplex in Minneapolis into a demonstration of her innate skill at mixing different styles and eras of design. But what might be even more impressive is the fact that she and husband Ken have completed nearly all of their projects and renovations themselves.

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