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Now On Sale—6 Rugs That'll Transform Your Space

Now On Sale—6 Rugs That'll Transform Your Space

It’s no secret that a new area rug can transform a room. It might sound dramatic, but it just simply is the truth. Adding a rug allows you to introduce new textures, colors, and patterns to any space, pulling everything together to create a cohesive design and aesthetic.  

Because rugs hold the potential to have such a big impact, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the options. Suddenly you’re deciding between low-pile, shag, and jute, subtle or bold patterns, various colorways, where to put the rug (don’t worry, we have a guide that can help), and the best size for the room. To make things a little easier, we thought we’d use our sitewide Summer Sendoff Event* as an opportunity to highlight a few of our favorite rugs here at Schoolhouse. Whether you’re looking for a handwoven wool rug or one made from natural jute, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for six rugs that are waiting to spruce up any space.  

*During the Summer Sendoff Event, save 20% on purchases of $250 or more, and 25% on purchases of $500 or more (discount automatically applied at checkout). 

 Mea Hand-knotted Wool Rug in a sitting area. 

1. Mesa Hand-Knotted Rug

    A Schoolhouse original, this high-pile rug will make any room feel cozy the second it’s rolled out. It’s available in a warm mustard (Dune), cool gray (Fog), or vibrant burnt orange (Paprika) and each knot is individually hand-tied, meaning no two rugs are the same. That’s right, thanks to its handmade nature, you can expect variations in size, shape, and color, for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind buy. 


    Shop the Mesa Rug

     Plaid Wool Rug in Sky in a kitchen.


    2. Plaid Wool Rug - Sky

    If you love bold pops of color and classic patterns, consider this plaid wool rug. Each rug is skillfully handwoven in India using natural-dyed wool yarns in the vibrant blue and orange tones. It’s sure to add a splash to your space.


    Shop the Plaid Wool Rug

     The Cotton Grid Flatweave Rug in a room.


    3. Cotton Grid Flatweave Rug

    If there’s an area of your home that’s high-traffic, this flatweave rug is perfect.Thanks to its low pile and machine-washable make, it’s both durable and easy to clean. 


    Shop the Cotton Grid Rug

     Jute + Chenille rug in a dining area.


    4. Jute + Chenille Rug

    This kind of rug is a fantastic option for layering over larger rugs for eclectic, mismatched look. Unlike other jute rugs, this one is soft thanks to the chenille material it is combined with and thanks to its neutral color it’s versatile and can easily blend into any space. 


    Shop the Jute + Chenille Rug

     The Ashlar Handwoven Rug in a living room.


    5. Ashlar Handwoven Wool Rug

    This gem is inspired by large square cuts of stones, creating a patterned, dimensional look and unique yet sophisticated design. This geometric rug is perfect for layering into living rooms, bedrooms, hallways—you name it. 


    Shop the Ashlar Wool Rug

     Plaid Wool Rug in natural in a living room.


    6. Plaid Wool Rug - Natural

    Think of your favorite, cozy wool blanket, robe, or flannel shirt. Now take that same level of comfort and imagine it under your feet as part of a plush rug. That’s what this wool rug can bring to your space. Each rug is handwoven in India, is made of natural-dyed wool yarn, and features a high-contrast plaid in neutral tones that stand the test of time. 

    Shop the Plaid Wool Rug


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