Black Lives Matter: How to Help

This has been a historic week of reckoning, reflection, and action in America. As an American manufacturer and a member of the design community, we must clearly state our support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The racial inequalities that permeate every aspect of our society are heartbreaking.

Today and every day we acknowledge the injustices caused by institutionalized racism and actively work to create a more inclusive world. We're learning alongside our community, gathering resources, and taking action to become better allies to the black community.


Here are simple ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement online and offline.


Educate yourself on racism, acknowledge your privilege, practice empathy

Sign petitions and call your representatives

Donate what you can

Research and support black-owned businesses in your community

Register to vote and participate in local and national elections 

Have conversations on racial injustice with your family and friends

Read, listen to, and share black media to continue learning

We know this is all only a first step and there is so much to be done. As a brand and as individuals, we’re committed to doing the ongoing work necessary to support racial justice and fight inequality in its many forms.