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Inside Schoolhouse we talk a lot about the concept of home and the idea of 'expanding your family by a room.' Meaning to treat your home as if it was another member of the family and with that, embracing the good, the bad and - above all - the unique. Personalization has always been key to our design ethos. Nothing should look like anyone else's or teleported from a catalog page. In short, the mix will always beat the match.

That said, a little inspiration never hurt anyone and we love to play around with different designs and styles. Last week, we shared three distinct ways to style our Jack chair in Green Velvet and today we'll be showing Jack in Nubby Tweed in Traditional, Eclectic and Mid-Century Modern decor styles.

Our first set-up is Traditional. 
This Nubby Tweed colorway is the most classic-of-classics. A traditional-feeling fabric by nature, it also has a surprising amount of warmth and welcome to it. Flanked by glossy black accessories, this corner gives off a masculine feel without being overly serious. An oversized map print and handwoven patterned navy pillow adds an extra dose of texture. Of course, a few natural brass touches never hurt too.

Next we have Eclectic. 
A mix of Victorian, vintage and modern pieces make this space feel timeless and yet completely unencumbered by any specific set of rules. Charming and kindly, this corner invites you to relax, cozy up and stay awhile. If we had to guess, we'd say there's a good chance that while you were sitting in this seat, someone would come bring you homemade cookies and compliment your new haircut. It's just that nice of a space.

Lastly, it's Mid-Century Mod. 
Cool as a cucumber, or cat, or whatever the kids are saying these days (most definitely neither of those two options), this space is a retro-flavored dream. The nubby tweed is the ultimate anchor for black + white and brass accessories while the bright tangerine pillow adds a fun pop. Let's just say, this is the kind of space where we feel very at home in.

Stay tuned for more {Styled} Jack Three Ways with our Windowpane Plaid option. Shop the full Jack Collection, exclusively at Schoolhouse Electric.

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