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Each launch give us an opportunity to partner with talented artists and makers, and our Fall '14 product line includes a handful of incredible designers, with Christina Weber of Studiopatró headlining the list. Christina's tea towels are hand-printed one-by-one, using ecologically friendly water-based inks. The linen is the finest medium-weight linen available, and is naturally sustainable and luxurious.

Not only did we include a few Studiopatró tea towels in our product assortment, but we created a beautiful art printfrom one of Christina's inspiring designs. Both pieces compliment our aesthetic beautifully and fit nicely into our line of kitchen products.

We recently caught up with Christina in San Francisco, and we enjoyed learning more about her design process, business goals, and passion for her craft. Here's a snapshot of what we learned...

How did you get started in this business?

I started Studiopatró to follow a passion to design and make beautiful things for the home. My background is in graphic design, and I spent most of my career designing printed materials and catalogs, art directing photography, and working with talented food stylists and chefs. I love to cook and bake, and I'm passionate about wonderful kitchen gear. So the tea towel became a natural canvas for my new design direction, and now I love working with ink on cloth and the lovely texture of linen.


Shown above: Cook Everyday Kitchen Towel

Where do you find inspiration?

Nature always inspires me. Simple, individual leaves provide continual wonder and delight.
The work of architects, and pattern in architecture, always grabs my eye. Sometimes it's classic designs from Jean Prouvé or Gio Ponti, or contemporary architects that I find on Design Milk or designboom. Lately I've been reinterpreting and creating patterns derived from common kitchen tools, but in a very minimal, simple and abstracted way.
Words also provide inspiration for my designs. Thoughtful, simple words that celebrate daily life, and words with multiple meanings are a favorite.


Shown above:Equal Measure Framed Art

What companies do you admire when it comes to design?

The Scandinavians almost always 'get it right' for me: Normann Copenhagen, Muuto, Design House Stockholm. And then I'm always admiring, and looking to my design heroes -- like Eva Zeisel, Alvar Aalto, Paul Rand to name a few.


Shown above: Off-Set Stripes Linen Kitchen Towel

What is your all-time favorite tea towel design?

This is a very tough question. I'm hoping it's my next, newest, yet to be realized design :). But to be honest, I find I'm going for the striped towels in my kitchen drawer most often. Stripes create a great energy that is simply irresistible.


What do you love most about the studiopatró design space?

I like that it is bright, white and serene, sitting in the midst of a very active, energetic, noisy and eclectic neighborhood. It's a big change from the last 12 years, when my studio looked out at a very quiet garden with no distractions. Now there is a constant stream of neighbors, families, tourists, and schoolchildren walking by. It's a good, fun distraction.


What projects are on the horizon for you?

I'm working on Spring 2015 designs… breathing new life into our color palette, reinterpreting some existing designs, updating our bestsellers, and of course, creating lots of newness.

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