Seasonal Spin: Halloween

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Welcome to the first of our Seasonal Spin series where we'll share how holidays and other seasonal celebrations inspire us to see our collection in a new light. First up -- the tricks, treats and all-around merriment of Halloween!


As the days grow shorter and pumpkin-carving and costume-planning are our pastimes, we can't help but see the colors, patterns and imagery of Halloween within the Schoolhouse product line. We love how with a little imagination the everyday can get us in the mood for our favorite times of the year!


1. Tangled Chandelier in Persimmon is an industrial-inspired stand-in for a gothic chandelier.
2. Sammamish Bird Woodblock Print is looking more and more to us like a raven as October 31st approaches. We're not sure we'd be brave enough to hang this over a reading chair and settle in with a book of spooky poetry on Halloween night.
3. Isaac Sconce Short Arm in Persimmon, shown with Black Twisted Cloth cord, gives a pop of pumpkin color.
4. Animal Bottle Openers could easily pass as animal gargoyles this Halloween. In our opinion they already bear a striking resemblance to the medieval stone sculptures.
5. Lunar Wall Calendar helps us track the moon's phases all year round and lately has us listening closely for howling in the night.
6. Mosser Glass Candle Holders and Ana Striped Candles always pair well, but the black & orange combo is getting us ready for a very Schoolhouse Halloween.
7. Doctor Cabinet, reminiscent of a 19th century piece found in apothecary shops and doctor's offices, is only eerie if you want it to be.
8. Lafayette Lamp with Black Stripes is dressed up in seasonally-appropriate pattern.
9. Asbury House Numbers are nostalgic and maybe even moody when paired with the flickering candlelight from Jack-o'-lanterns on the porch.
10. Buffalo Plaid Fringed Throw is perfect for cozying up anytime of year but especially as you wait for trick-or-treaters to ring the doorbell.
11. Canvas Utility Bag in Orange is built to be an all-purpose carry-all. We can't help but wonder how much candy we could fit inside.

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