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Pallet dubs itself simply as a "journal for people who like to think and drink," and that, my friends, is something we can get on board with. After being drawn to one of their past issue's striking cover, we instantly felt a kinship with the mix of style and substance found within Pallet. As a company with analog values, there are few things we appreciate more than the feel (and smell) of a heavy, deluxe printed stock in our hands and time spent to create something of quality. 

A premium print magazine for curious minds and adventurous palates, we love how Pallet uses beer as a metaphor and conduit in which to talk about a wide variety of engaging and eclectic topics. The same way conversations over cold beers can often meander into unknown territory, there's a distinct feeling of enrichment that awaits you at the end of the journey. And then sometimes sleepiness. 

Wait, where were we again? 

Ah, yes. Beer and print magazines - we are a fan, especially of magazines that feel and read like a book that you can pick up again and again. Since we appreciate people doing cool, quality work, we are teaming up with Pallet to provide some seriously awesome Schoolhouse goodies to one lucky person. 

Anyone who orders a Pallet Complete Set (4 issues) before November 4 goes into the running to win a new office set by Schoolhouse worth $2,500. This includes our Foundry Desk, Library Cart & Lamp.

Winner announced Nov 11, 2016. You can purchase your set and be entered to win here. Good luck and happy reading! 



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