Inspiration: Light Wood + Easy Neutrals

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We must just be softies at heart because we can never get enough relaxed, gentle tones. The ultimate palette cleansers, this next Inspiration-to-Room is an ode to Light Wood + Easy Neutrals. To us, muted accents and natural wood provide a calming backdrop that give bolder accessories and vintage finds an opportunity to shine. Subtle and minimalist but never dull, these elements provide a visual quietness and balance to our most lived-in spaces. The result is both understated and timeless.

In our inspiration above, you'll notice that while everything is subdued in color, there's still a distinct sense of delight and intrigue in each image. Here we can see that quiet doesn't mean boring or even minimalist.  In fact, this type of styling requires a keen sense of layered subtlety and nuance. You get the sense that there's more than meets the eye behind the scene itself. It also shows that texture can play just as an important role as color in décor and design.  

This bedroom shot from our catalog below illustrates the warmth that comes from combining lighter, desaturated elements together. The softer colors allow for plenty of mixing and matching without feeling overwhelming. Adding different pieces of easy neutrals throughout your home is a sure-fire way to increase your overall level of zen and comfort level. 


Next up is Inspiration-to-Room: Mixed Materials

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