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Holiday Kitchen Essentials

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If you know Schoolhouse, you know we love entertaining and decorating. Especially around the holidays. We enjoy gathering old treasures and mixing them with new pieces to create a holiday table. In our experience, the best results come from combining metals and wood-tones, colors and textures, family heirlooms and personal artifacts too.

Whether you are hosting, cooking or simply decorating for the season we have a number of hardworking pieces that will help you set the scene for a memorable holiday feast.

1. Gray Dinner Plate 2. Gray Salad Plate 3. Anchor Bottle Opener 4. Enamelware Bake Set 5. Walnut Stripe Butting Board - Wide 6. Kobenstyle White Butter Warmer 7. Black Dot Mug 8. Pan Brush 9. Everyday Twine 10. Redline Measuring Beaker 11. Egg Press Arrow Napkin 12. Double Kitchen Timer 13. Handmade Wood Pitcher Spoons 14. Ana Striped Candles 15. Candy Stripe Kitchen Towel 16. Black Dot Dessert Plate 17. Gray Bowl 18. Birch Tea Towel 19. Enamelware Mugs 20. Gray Teapot 21. Half Empty Half Full Glass 22. Walnut Stripe Cutting Board - Tall 23. Superior Serving Utensils 24. Kobenstyle White 2 QT Saucepan 25. Weck Storage Jar

* Matte Gold Serving Utensils and Blackline Stoneware Tray are currently unavailable. Other items are vintage.*

If you are cooking...

Our cookware not only looks sharp but also works hard. The Kobenstyle Cookware Collection and Enamelware Bake Set are perfect for oven-to-table dining. Available in a variety of sizes, they are not only durable but practical as well. We're sure these will become your go-to pieces for many holidays to come.

If you are setting the table...

Our Gray Dinnerware Collection will bring clean lines and warm color to your presentation. These delicate yet sturdy pieces provide an understated, neutral canvas for a casual and festive tabletop. A mainstay in the Schoolhouse Fall 2013 palette, the peacock blue of our powder coated Superior Serving Utensils adds a pop of color to the feast.

If you are decorating...

If you aren't hosting or cooking, but rather just looking forward to decorating for the season, our Egg Press Arrow Napkins and Ana Striped Candles are incredibly versatile. Designed to bring unexpected pattern to everyday objects and perfectly-priced for giving, these accessories also make great host(ess) gifts.

Of course, no holiday is complete without good food and dear family and friends, but we'll leave that to you. Cheers to a festive and stress-free season!

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