Holiday 2014

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It's safe to say, we are officially in the holiday spirit at Schoolhouse Electric. We've not only rounded up our favorite holiday decorations, but we've also carefully selected gifts and stockings stuffers that we think you'll like too.

From our ornaments... our handmade stockings...

...and simple holiday decorations...

...we have you covered this holiday season. Stay-tuned for more gift ideas, holiday recipes, and inspiring festive photos from us!

*Special Note About Our Holiday Ornament Selection*

At Schoolhouse Electric, we embrace the history and art of American craft. That's why we were saddened to hear that a holiday vendor of ours, Cody Foster & Co. inc., has reportedly been accused of copying the work of independent artists. As a creative partner and fan of hundreds of independent artists (including Lisa Congdon, who bravely spoke up about this issue here), we refuse to work with a company that conducts business in this manner. For this reason, we have chosen to discontinue a number of our holiday ornaments and have severed ties with this company for good. 
Unfortunately, a number of holiday images were photographed before we were made aware of this issue, and a handful of ornaments are included in photos you'll see on our website. We hope that you can look past these pieces, and see the other holiday items we've carefully selected this holiday season. 
We appreciate your support and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused.

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