Behind the Scenes: Spring 2015

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This season, we're launching more than just a collection of products. We're championing a lifestyle. As we gathered inspiration for our latest line, we realized the people who were living the most vibrant lives took time to step back from the busyness and enjoy a quiet moment or two.

This idea of promoting a slow lifestyle came to life when we visited Jessica Helgerson's 540 square-foot "tiny house". It sits on a five-acre property on Sauvie Island, an agricultural area right in Portland's backyard. The house is perfectly pieced together, however, it was more than the design of the house that caught our eye. The concept of living simply was the catalyst that got us talking about slowing down. When's the last time you took stock of the things that matter to you? What fuels your soul? Where do you feel the most alive? It became clear to us that when life's pace slows, our days - and the objects that fill them - become more fulfilling. With this concept in mind, we began planning our Spring 2015 campaign and catalog efforts.

Even though the Schoolhouse team had fully embraced the "slow" mindset, the photoshoot at the tiny house was anything but that. It was two fast and furious days on the farm, taking advantage of every hour of sunlight. Speaking of sunlight, we lucked out and were able to shoot the catalog during back-to-back sunny days in Portland in February, which is fairly unheard of during the middle of a Pacific Northwest winter.

The end result of months of work is our new Spring 2015 collection. We followed in the footsteps of past collections, and worked with many small makers and local artists. We also experimented with a new finish, copper, while still giving brass plenty of love. Take a look at our full line here.

Throughout the course of the next several months, our employees, makers, designers, and artisans will be sharing how slowing down allows them to truly reap pleasure from the day-to-day. Moments with friends and family, spending time in the outdoors or with a good book and a cup of coffee are a few activities that topped the list. And finally, we invite you to share your slow moments with us and the Schoolhouse community by using the hashtag #slowdownwithschoolhouse.

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