Wedding + Anniversary Gift Guide: Made to Last

A loving relationship can create a partnership that’s even better than the sum of its parts. That’s just part of what makes weddings and anniversaries some of the most joyous parties on our calendars every year. Show your favorite couple you’re glad they found each other with a modern heirloom that they can treasure together for each year to come.

Elevated Flatware

Newlyweds will appreciate the Elevated Flatware for every special occasion or making every occasion special. Made from stainless steel with a durable-yet-thin ceramic coating, this flatware will look great and perform well year after year.

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Channeled Cotton Quilt

There’s nothing like a well-made quilt to invite two people to cuddle up together through any weather. Inspired by vintage quilted jackets, this quilt’s casual weight and cozy softness comes from the matelasse weaving process.

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Hand-Thrown Cocktail Plate

New couples often end up entertaining lots of guests, from conversations with new neighbors to entertaining out-of-town family. For this reason, the Hand-Thrown Cocktail Plate is an essential gift that proves its value every time you need to serve snacks on a moment’s notice. Each plate is hand-thrown and glazed to be dishwasher safe.

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FINEX Cast Iron 12" Skillet + Lid

Cast iron pans like the Finex Cast Iron 12” Skillet have been around for generations because they’re one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen. Portland-based Finex improved on this classic design by adding multi-pour sides, quick-cooling handles, and a self-basting lid.

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Ion Lamp

Based on the fixtures Edison used to test his first light bulbs, the Ion Lamp is one of our most beloved fixtures. It’s also an accessible example of Schoolhouse lighting that will shine its bright personality in any space its placed in. Comes with a Marconi Edison Bulb as a set in a perfectly giftable box.

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