The Beauty of Integrated LED Lighting

With a more efficient, higher quality glow and less harmful environmental impact, modern LED lighting technology has the ability to improve lives and provide benefits that will last for decades.

Imagine never changing a light bulb again - or even having to put one in to start with. Our innovative new collection of Integrated LED Light Fixtures have made that a reality. Thoughtfully designed with beauty and efficiency top of mind, our next-generation integrated LED modules are developed in-house and come as an all-in-one package - meaning the fixture, the shade and the LED are all integrated as one. Each fixture has the capacity to provide more than twenty years of efficient lighting.

The Beacon LED was our very first all-in-one surface mount equipped with an integrated LED module. It comes complete with a hand-blown Opal glass shade for a pleasing and diffused glow with a classic, heritage exterior. Expertly crafted and designed with beauty and utility as top priority, this low-profile fixture is ideal for both residential and commercial spaces where you want to install once and be done for good.

A Schoolhouse classic for many years, our Factory series was next in line to get the LED integrated option treatment. U
tilitarian in style and available in both pendants and surface mounts in a range of colors, the Factory series is a perfect example of traditional factory-style lighting made popular in the 1930's. Now as an integrated LED, it's also future-ready. Each one features a specialty design-friendly light diffuser that was designed in-house to create a soft yet powerful glow that is easy on the eyes. The wide opening allows for maximum cast light which is ideal for lighting large commercial spaces. 

New to our collection this Fall is the Indoor/Outdoor Allegheny Integrated LED Sconce
Slim, modern and understated, our Allegheny Sconce has been rigorously tested to withstand direct exposure to the elements and is a luxurious take on utilitarian style. A play of mixed materials and scale, the square brass canopy perfectly complements the sophisticated seventies-inspired color palette of the bullet-style shade. The integrated LED means that once it's installed, you never have to worry about it again, either inside or out.



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