Simple How-To: Style A Cozy Bed

We take bedding seriously here at Schoolhouse because the bed is such an essential part of the home. It provides the crucial rest we need to live our lives, and it’s a representation of the warmth and security that comes when a house becomes a home. As important as bedding is year-round, having a cozy bed becomes especially crucial during the winter months when waning daylight and plummeting temperatures provide an invaluable opportunity to bundle up and enjoy the great indoors. Below, you’ll find our tips for making the coziest winter bed.

Layer Many Types of Textures

Texture is one of the most important elements in a cozy bed because it can provide warmth you can see and feel. Think about the shaggy coat of a goldendoodle, or the marshmallowy fluffiness of down vest, or the fine softness of velvet. Textures tend to act as insulators because the more voluminous the texture, the more insulation it will provide. But creating a warm bed isn’t just about insulation. Adding visual texture can help make a bed look and feel more cozy. As you can see above, layering our Popcorn Grid Coverlet, the Buffalo Plaid Fringed Throw, and the Painterly Stripe Sheet Set provides a harmony of texture in pattern and fiber.

Add Weight

Bedding that’s too light will never feel as satisfying, even if the temperature of the room is acceptable, but weighty bedding leaves you feeling relaxed and secure. We prefer to achieve that affirming weighty quality by layering blankets and throws over a duvet. If you get too hot, you can strip off layers to find a more comfortable temperature. Keeping an extra throw or blanket on top of your bed also allows you to have a light covering at hand for when you want to curl up for a nap or read a book without getting all the way into bed.

Don’t Forget Pillows

Layering pillows offers many of the same benefits as layering blankets. It gives you extra flexibility for sleep or lounging in your bed throughout the day. Since all of our pillows come with a natural down fill, they provide a luxurious softness and warmth. Pillows also inject texture, color, and pattern into your bedding, leaving it feeling vibrant, plush, and welcoming. Try a combination of textured shams like the Popcorn Dot Pillow Sham, crisp traditional pillowcases, and an accent pillow such as the Varsity Circle Pillow. As always, don’t be afraid to mix over match.

Look Beyond The Bed

Creating an inviting bed is one thing, but a true feeling of nighttime coziness requires giving attention to the things that surround the bed, too. A soft, high-pile rug is indispensable under the sides of the bed so that softness and warmth are the last thing your feet touch at night and the first thing they touch in the morning. It also helps to have layers of lighting around the bed, as softer, diffused lighting will help your brain make the transition from day time activity to night time rest. Keeping anything you might need during the night at your bedside is a good way to make sure you don’t find yourself walking through the cold of night just to get a tissue or a glass of water.

Use Natural Materials

Mother Nature is an unrivaled inventor, and nothing beats natural materials in the bedroom. Our bedding ranges from crisp, clean cottons to naturally luxurious linen, to goose down filling in our comforters and pillows. We use down (always humanely sourced) because synthetics rarely bring the same softness, weight, and warmth. While here in America we don’t always think of linen as being a winter-time material, it’s actually great during the cold months. Throughout Europe, linen is preferred for this use because its naturally hollow fibers hold in the perfect amount of body heat while remaining soft and pliable.

We also love cotton for sheets and duvet covers because it offers a clean, crisp texture and excellent durability. In cotton especially, some people focus on finding the highest thread count. Unfortunately, thread counts are often misleading and beside the point, anyway. We’re more interested in working with skilled, traditional manufacturers who use quality materials. That’s why most of our bedding is made in a region of Portugal known for its textile excellence. When it comes to bedding, investing in the details always produces the best results.


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