How We Decorate: Our Top 5 Holiday Styling Tips

‘Tis the season for tree trimming, homemade hot cocoa, and fun-filled traditions with family and friends. And while the holidays may look different this year, we wholeheartedly believe there's still joy to be had in the season ahead. Here at Schoolhouse, we get especially excited this time of year because it means we get to decorate for the season. Home has always held a special place in our hearts and now more than ever, we can't help but feel a sense of comfort and joy in cozying up our space for the upcoming Winter months. While there's no right way to decorate, we thought we'd round up a few ideas for those who welcome a starting point. Below, we asked our very own Schoolhouse employees to share their favorite styling tips.



1. Make Every Corner Cozy 

"Decorating in a 700 sq. ft. apartment can be tricky. My number one tip is to add comfort, warmth, and light! I love to have a lot of candles around, a small Christmas tree with soft white lights, and cozy blankets everywhere. As soon as the holiday season starts, I grab our Woodsman Smoker out of the closet and put it in our entryway. I can’t tell you how much joy that thing brings me! Plus, the incense in it smells so good." 

– Kyra, Human Resources Administrative Specialist



2. Bring the Outdoors In

"Christmas is my favorite holiday, and my family decorates and celebrates BIG. I love REAL trees, garlands and wreaths. There are scents that make me nostalgic and the smell of Christmas brings me comfort every year, especially when I’m missing my family."

– Samantha Kleiter, Email Marketing Specialist


Get creative with how you decorate. Spruce up your kitchen shelves, stair railing, or table with fresh greenery. 



3. Don't Overlook The Details 

"I think the little details make the biggest impact for a cheerful Christmas season at home: cards on the mantle, a festive cookie jar, sweaters for the dogs, etc. Then I top it off by hanging some colorful Schoolhouse Stockings!"

Jensyn LaDuke, NPI Manager


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4. Have Fun With Holiday Treasures

"My wife is big on decoration; she’ll make sure our home is fit for the season. Together, we get our tree and hang the ornaments and lights. The shelves will be intricately filled with holiday treasures. We have a beautiful small nativity set we place on our credenza."

– Jon Brown, Assembler



Adding little bits of holiday cheer throughout all rooms will make your home feel extra lively and inspired. 



5. Forget About Perfection  

"I love to keep a growing collection of ornaments and decorations. Our tree is bright and festive with a colorful garland, a rainbow tin star to top the tree, and white lights. The best part is that all of the ornaments create a story of me and my wife’s childhoods, early life together, and now our son’s first handful of holidays. My tip for decorating is to keep it personal and joyous and forget about perfection."

– Katie Elliott, Director of Product


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