Slow Coffee: The Essentials of Better Brewing

One of the most satisfying sips you can take when made correctly, the complex flavor and aroma of coffee has been warming souls for centuries. As coffee culture in America continues its evolution, there has been a renewed focus on making good coffee more accessible thanks to an ever-growing number of local roasters sourcing beans directly from farmers and extra transparency from importers in the industry overall. 

The slow coffee movement is rooted in manual brewing methods such as pour over or french press. Having that type of control over your brewing allows for more nuanced flavor profiles and serves to bring out the natural sweetness inherent in coffee (which means less added sugar and cream is needed). In these methods, the quality of the cup served takes precedence over the convenience - hence the slow moniker. With the right equipment however, it's really not hard to devote the extra minutes it takes to brew beautiful coffee every time. 

The pour over is the original way to brew drip coffee at home and it's as easy as it sounds. This method gives you better control over the crucial variables such as water temperature, coffee saturation and time. Our Ceramic Pour Over Dripper has a versatile 4-cup capacity and its ceramic construction allows for better temperature control. To pair, we loved this modern Matte Black Pour Over Kettle for its slender spout that provides precise pour control.

Perhaps even more ubiquitous than the pour over method is the French Press. This process results in an even, full-bodied brew and is another simple way to elevate your coffee ritual in the slow-style. Start with a high-quality French Press: We chose this Ceramic French Press for it's cheery exterior and long-lasting heat retention. All you need to do is allow the coffee grinds to steep with the water for however long you like (traditionally the recommended time hovered around 3-4 minutes but new trends suggest waiting as long as 6 for extra sweetness and refinement). After that, plunge the mesh filer to separate the grinds and serve. 


Lastly we have our dear friend Chemex. A design icon invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, PhD, it's made from non-porous, borosilicate glass and fastened with a wood collar and tie. Its iconic design has earned the Chemex its own spot the Modern Museum of Art in NYC. With both brewer and vessel in one, the hourglass carafe brews coffee without imparting any flavors of its own. Similar to a pour over but with a slightly longer brew time, this method gives you a bright and clean (and very strong if that's how you like it) batch of coffee that looks amazing on your table. 


Tea lovers, we haven't forgotten about you in the slightest. By its nature, tea is a slow style drink and our Glass Tea Infuser lets you enjoy the view of your tea leaves in bloom. A peaceful and beautiful ritual. No matter your style of brewing, there's a lot to be said for slowing down and taking time for yourself. Be well and drink well friends! 


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