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Under One Roof: How We Build Modern Heirlooms

Under One Roof: How We Build Modern Heirlooms

There aren’t many companies who are willing or able to keep virtually every process of its business in-house, but inside Schoolhouse we embrace those challenges every day. Our obsession with quality and design has compelled us to produce modern heirlooms the old-fashioned way – as one team under one roof. Starting at the top floor of our century-old brick factory building in Portland, Oregon, we invite you to take a peek inside our headquarters to see how this unique way of doing business works.


brick building with a bicycle parked in front of it

close up of a grey elevator

coat rack with clothes from it

person holding a spray painting tool and wearing a mask

In the paint booth, a finishing specialist sprays a protective coating of lacquer onto a light fixture canopy.

shelf with many colorful objects

man in a white suit working on a large white object

racks of food

close-up of a stack of metal bases

person's hands holding a black object

Many of our tools are designed and built by our Facilities Dept. to serve a unique purpose. The jig board is made to tightly hold components on their trip down the patina line.

room with a brick wall

box of different colored objects

Brown bars of compound help even out imperfections on raw components before they are plated, while the green compound bar is used for polishing nickel to a mirror-like finish.

orange tool holder organizer

person wearing gloves and gloves working on a project

room with a desk and a chair and a plant

In the studio products are conceived, sketched out, and digitized. Product developers and engineers work together to create 3D printed models and full-scale prototypes, which are further refined in the product development lab. 

room with a desk and a chair and a black umbrella

staircase with a white floor

closeup of numbers

door in a building

shelves with objects on them

cart with candles

The third floor houses vintage furniture and accessories collected over time.

group of chairs

brick building with ceiling light fixtures on boxes

Raw parts awaiting transport to the fourth floor for finishing.

large metal objects

coffee shop sign leaning on a post


hardwood floor

fabric cut into a circle

person tracking a circle on yellow fabric

shelf with rolls of fabric

close-up of a hand holding a wire

The assembly floor is divided into pods where each pod is responsible for assembling a single type of light fixture or clock at a time. Skilled assembly team members are tasked with memorizing a vast catalog of parts and instructions.

stack of red ropes

table with tools and pliers

hands holding clocks

shelf with rolls of stickers

hand holding lightbulb

After assembly, fixtures receive their finishing touches. Each product is carefully tested and inspected prior to packaging.

chairs in front of a window

person in a room with a couch and tables

Both our trade and customer support teams are located in the middle of the factory to provide them with intimate knowledge and easy access to products through each stage of development.

text first floor

door on a building

pile of boxes

building with a door and a bar

kitchen with shelves and green cabinets and a red chair

room with lights

wall full of clocks

blackboard on a wall above a desk

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