Portugal Factory Tour

Our trip to Portugal was hugely inspiring (see Notes on Portugal, part one of this travel series) for a number of reasons. Far and away, the biggest thrill of the journey was visiting some of the centuries-old factories that line the river and villages around Lisbon who we have worked closely with for the past couple of years. While most of what we offer at Schoolhouse is American-made (either manufactured inside our own brick factory in Portland, Oregon or elsewhere in the United States), one area where we have looked beyond our borders has been textiles.

The logic behind our decision simply being that there's nowhere else in the world where you can find the level of quality and craftsmanship of weaving that exists in Portugal. The family-owned factory who produces the majority of our bedding has been working on their craft for generations and it shows. Everything from the feel, color, durability and presentation of the finished product is of the highest caliber. Sleep is precious and it stands to reason that your bedding should be as well.


"Going to our sheeting factory was by far the best part of the trip. As a weaver myself, I understand the process of weaving but seeing the scale and the process of the whole production in person was mind blowing. The precision in every step, from watching each individual warp thread pulled through by hand and then physically seeing the bottles of ink lined up neatly on the floor was incredible. The exact science required to match dyes to pantone to get the perfect shade is no easy feat. They look for every imperfection, from the first thread pulled to the final detail of folding the finished sheet set. The work that happens to make our ideas come to life and the care they put in to each piece was beautiful to see first-hand." - Jorie Garcia, Schoolhouse Brand Manager

Scroll down to see some factory moments that Jorie was able to capture during the course of her tour.


It's a privilege to be able to work together with these great talents and as we continue to expand our offerings each season, we're proud to search and seek out the very best in manufacturing and craft.

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