Inside Schoolhouse: Manufacturing Day Tour

Ever since we crafted our first light from a restored cast iron glass shade mold fifteen years ago, Schoolhouse has been a proud champion and defender of American manufacturing. What started as a tiny team of less than ten has grown over the years to a dedicated group of workers well over one hundred strong of within our Portland walls. The majority of our team members at Schoolhouse inhabit a wide swathe of various maker and manufacturing roles and each day they are crafting our heritage light fixtures, creating new heirlooms, assembling clocks and painstakingly running our patina line by hand to create the perfect finish. 

Manufacturing continues to be an incredibly important driver of the American economy and in the United States, the vast majority of manufacturing companies are considered to be small-scale operations, meaning they have less than 500 hundred employees. This past month as part of National Manufacturing Day, we 
welcomed a local classroom inside Schoolhouse for a specialized hands-on tour of our factory.

Also known as MFG Day, this growing grassroots movement is dedicated to increasing awareness of manufacturing as a career path and expanding knowledge about the manufacturing industry’s economic impact. More than anything, it's a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. We couldn't have been more excited to host such a special gathering and we're proud to be able to show the skilled craftsmanship behind each of our American-made products and the vast number of opportunities that exist within the manufacturing industry.