The Magic of Mom: Our Favorite Photos + Memories On Motherhood

“My mother was my first country. The first place I ever lived.”

– Lands by Nayyirah Waheed


This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a beloved tradition to celebrate and show gratitude to the maternal figures in our lives. And while many of us may not be able to spend the day with our loved ones this year, we wanted to be sure to give a special shout-out to all the inspiring women who have helped form who we are. To celebrate, we asked our team to share their favorite pictures and memories around motherhood. Cheers to these oh-so-deserving ladies for all of their hard work, sacrifice, and loving guidance. 



“My mom sends me a text each Monday morning with a positive affirmation. It’s so comforting knowing she’s thinking of me and sending me good thoughts for a productive and happy week. It’s basically a virtual hug and a vote of confidence which goes a long way, even at the age of 38.”


– Kirsten, Director of Marketing + Brand



“My mother is a legend. Having a legend in my corner has been a blessing all my life.”


– Josh, Sales Manager



“What I love about my mom is that she has taught me to never take life too seriously, take the good with the bad and the rest will fall into place.” 


– Anna, Visual Production Manager



"My mother is the sweetest, strongest, most giving woman I’ve ever met in my life, and I pinch myself every day that she’s my mom, and now my son's grandmother."


– Abe, Director of Customer Experience



“So much to say about the woman who made me what I am today. I think I could sum it up with: she’s taught me that the sky is the limit, and she leads by example.”


– Abby B., Customer Success Manager



“It hasn’t been an easy year to be a mother to a six-year-old and run your own busy business. She often works well into the night (while we sleep) and handles it with grace. I am constantly amazed by her strength.”


– John, E-commerce Manager



“As an only child, I’m so glad I didn’t have to share my amazing mom with anyone else and got to spend so much quality time with her growing up. I can’t wait to give her a BIG hug next month once we’re both fully vaccinated!”


– Mallory, Social Media Specialist


Jesse (digital designer) and his mom
Jessica (business development representative) and her mom 
Erin (senior content manager) & her son Grey  
Lu (assembler) & his mom
Katie (director of product) & her son Charlie 
Bridgette's (sales order management manager) mom
Raya's (customer support associate) mother and mother-in-law
Carleen's (customer experience operations manager) mom and daughter
Beverly's (supply planning manager) mom
Sara's (president) mom 
Angelina's (customer success operations analyst) mom and grandmother 


Today and every day, thank you to all the inspiring women out there for everything that you do and have done for your families.